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  • About YBell
  • YBell is a revolutionary new 4-in-1 hybrid weight system where just one piece of kit will increase your workout efficiency. YBell’s innovative design allows you to safely achieve more with less equipment. The versatile design can be used as a kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball, push up stand or the unique YBell Grip. Simply change your grip to comfortably mix up your workout and unlock new challenges for a full body workout.FEATURES**4-in-1 training tool: a kettlebell, a dumbbell, a double grip medicine ball and a push up stand
  • Designed by experts in fitness and industrial design
  • Innovative ergonomic design perfect for an almost limitless array of exercises
  • Comfortable and safe grip for easy use that won’t slip
  • Coated in non-slip and no-rust neoprene
  • Highly functional design, great for indoor and outdoor exercise
  • Excellent tool for training the whole body
  • Make the change, train smarter and achieve new levels of fitness with your YBell.
  • Prepare your home or gym with a full range of our 4-in-1 YBells.
    The Kit includes a pair of each size of YBell from XS through XL
    and these will challenge YBell users to their fullest potential.

  • XS: 10 lb / 4.5kg
  • S: 14 lb / 6kg
  • M :18.5 lb / 8kg
  • L: 22.5 lb / 10 kg
  • XL: 27 lb / 12 kg

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