Exxentric kPulley2 Starter System


The kPulley2 is the second generation flywheel training solution enabling users to enhance their strength through rotational and pull exercises but also push and lower limb exercises. It also comes with a built-in kMeter II feedback system for realtime results and a progress overview in the long run. The standard inertia capacity of the kPulley2 goes up to 0.140 kgm² or two Extra Large Flywheels.


The kPulley2 Starter System is the perfect system for anyone looking to incorporate flywheel training in their workout regimen for the first time and it’s equally fitting for experienced users who already possess a kBox4 device in their tool box.

  • kPulley2 Device
  • kMeter II
  • 1 x Flywheel M 0.025kgm2
  • 1 pair of kGrips
  • 1 pair of Ankle Cuffs


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