Hyperwear Super Bands Set


Product details of Hyperwear Super Bands Set

  • Dual tension elastic Super Band set with different sizes to offer continual resistance that is superior to weights. A must have for strengthening ankle, hip, knee, gluten, thighs, and used to improve your squat, pull-up, speed, athleticism, injury rehabilitation and flexibility.
  • Includes travel storage pouch, instructions and exercise guide with your set of 4 bands
  • Carry with you to break a serious sweat, build your grip, improve lifting, or sculpt your shape anywhere
  • Great for fat burning, strength building, or sport performance training workouts
  • Red 15-35lbs, Black 25-65lbs, Purple 35-85lbs, and Green 50-120 lbs of resistance
  • Durable high quality pure latex to resist snapping and breaking
  • Better for mobility than yoga stretch out straps. Made of natural pure latex rubber that is easier to clean than fabric bands. No door anchor needed. Great assist for improving chin-up strength, biceps, hamstrings, press, curls, jump training, calisthenics, flexibility, CrossFit WOD, weightlifting, and recovery. Safe for beginners to use who have checked with their doctor before exercising. Exercise guide is included. One year limited warranty.

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